The Meetings Analyzer was designed to address the following requirements and features.

  • Useful, Inexpensive and easy-to-use
  • Self-contained, requiring no online services or access
  • No tracking of information of any kind - personal or otherwise
  • Provide methods to determine the value of your time
  • Provide methods for determining the per-hour cost of a 
  • Remember the last settings used for calculating the meeting costs
  • Save and recall meetings and restore the cost calculation algorithm used and the associate configuration parameters
  • Meter a meeting in real time while allowing the user to 
perform analysis on existing meetings or experiment with 
various algorithms and associated parameters to determine the per-hour meeting costs
  • Pause a meeting and continue such as may be required 
during a lunch break
  • Rate a meeting
  • Assign responsibility for the meeting to an individual
  • Backup meetings both internally and to files. Restore either from internal memory or from backup files
  • Simulate meetings to project meeting costs on a per meeting 
or for multiple meetings such as weekly bimonthly or monthly meetings
  • Sort, filter or display meeting details using  user-selected criteria
  • Perform statistical analysis on groups of meetings based on 
meeting type or meeting lead
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